Love is in the Air!

Valentines Day is almost here! It’s just one more week away What are you and your special someone planning to do on  this lovely holiday? Valentines Day is a day where you show how much someone means to you, and a day where all of the floral shops are super busy. Some people say love can’t be bought, but on this day love is being bought all over the world. I interviewed Mrs. Bell and Ashley Fredricksen to find out their opinions on Valentines Day. It’s very well known that people will spend enormous amounts of money just to make their special someone happy. So, I decided to ask them to tell me about the most they’ve ever spent on Valentines Day. Ashley spent $150, and Mrs. Bell spent over $300 to $400! That is a lot of money!
People say that Valentines Day is just a stupid holiday because of the mushy love, but you don’t have to spend this holiday with just your boyfriend/ husband or girlfriend/ wife. This holiday is to share the love with family and friends as well! There is much more this holiday than just kissing and cuddling, its a day to show your appreciation and love for anyone who’s done anything for you. You can send flowers or a gift to your teachers, best friends, parents, significant others and even your pets! So, buy a flower for someone you care about, and have a Happy Valentines Day!

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Privilege or Right?

This announcement is for students that do not have their permit or license. Now is your chance to get your license! Driver’s Ed classes start the third week of April (there is no knowledge of an exact date). Classes are at 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.  The driver’s ed teacher is Mrs. Bell. She is an excellent, fair teacher as long as you do as you’re told. Driving is not something you should joke around about, it’s something you take seriously and provide your full concentration and responsibility.

Students should get their license so they can get jobs, have more freedom, and so they won’t have to rely on people. Along with students, adults should also get their license if they do not have one because with being an adult comes great responsibility and having a license to take care of everyday tasks is important. I know if I didn’t have my license, and I had to take someone to the emergency room I would hate it! It’s emergencies like these where having a license can make a difference. Getting your license is very important!

Driving is a privilege that is often abused, and to ensure that the safety procedures and precautions are being taken appropriately our school or the local DMV provides you students, and adults, with Drivers Education courses. Take Driver’s Ed and get your license or permit today! Drive safe and watch for dangerous drivers, remember to be smart and follow the rules of the road. Driving is a PRIVILEGE not a right!

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Annual Hunts

Attention students, faculty and staff! This year we have many hunts to choose from so take your pick! You can choose to hunt deer, elk, antelope, moose, cougar, coyotes, and many other animals. But along with the hunts come many dangers. While hunting you have to be extremely cautious of all of the dangerous factors which can vary depending on the animals locations and the animals themselves  like sickness or dangerous terrains. This year bear tracks were found fresh many times while hunting and scouting.

When you come across any fresh bear tracks, if you do, it is suggested to keep up your defenses or leave the area as soon as possible to avoid being attacked. If you walk into the path of a bear make yourself look bigger and only use a weapon if it is necessary! Another thing you should be cautious of is your kill. There have been a few cases this year of sick deer, elk, and moose with an illness called chronic wasting disease as well as whirling diseases like the West Nile virus and Avian Influenza. If you come across a sick animal report it to the DWR immediately. Remember to always wear gloves when handling your kill.

This years hunt is sure to be a safe one if everyone follows important safety procedures. Make sure you watch out for rough and dangerous terrains and don’t do anything you think might be potentially dangerous to you and the people with you. Always hunt with a friend, but most importantly have fun!

By :  Valery O’Neil

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construction in wellington

Wellington city announced in September that there is construction at the intersections of Main street and 100 East. Expect delays because the city is putting in stoplights at the intersection and this is something that is very new to all of the residents.

This big movement comes after a big discussion last November by the Boy Scouts of America and in the city council meeting last year. They approved the idea for the stoplights but another idea was brought up stating an on/off ramp needed to be put over the highway. The council rejected that idea.

They are putting new sidewalk down and also placing the poles for the stoplights. Soon Wellington traffic will be moving more safely and fluently.

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Museum Field Trip

The field trip to the museum was very interesting because of all the fine arts they had presented for the community to see. All of the students enjoyed seeing the art because most of them want to become artists when they get older. Some of the students said that they were very fascinated with the pieces of art because they were very detailed and colored. They also said that the art looked like it had its own feelings, as if the pictures were alive.

As many people may think or know, art is something that very little people have appreciation for. Our school tries their hardest to keep the passion for art, in its many different forms, alive. This field trip really proved to be worth it. The teachers and students who attended seemed to be happy with the outcome of this field trip and are excited to go again next year. Thank you to the teachers who try to keep the arts alive!

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School Election

School Election

Pinnacle high held a school wide election on Monday november 5th. The goal of the election was to allow the students and faculty to vote for the first time, and get to see what the school thought about each of the candidates. The results were surprising to many of the students and teachers. The differences in the two main candidates were drastic. A total of 249 people voted including 18 faculty members. Out of 249 votes 36% of the votes went to Barack Obama and Joe Biden, 53% of the votes went toward Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the remaining votes went toward the other candidates and parties. I was surprised that the votes were so spread apart and I have a feeling that the reason this was the outcome is because people think President Obama wants to change things in the coal industry, true or not it got kids to vote differently because many families in this area work in the coal industry. I asked Mrs. Jeppson if she felt that the real election would have a similar outcome, she replied, “I really feel this Presidential election will be one of the closest elections ever.” By now we all know how the actual election went, it was very close but the outcome was not the same as what we got at school. I am very glad that our school presented us with the opportunity to vote, it was very interesting to see how a lot of the school feels about the election. I hope that in the future more schools will be able to do this. By the time the next election comes around schools around the nation will have a better system to do study this. Possibly, we may even have a nation wide school vote, not to count as anything just for everyone to know how the youth feel about elections. Thanks for the great opportunity Mrs. Hardy!

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Halloween Dance

On Saturday October 27, 2012 Erick Trejo DJ’d for Pinnacle’s Halloween dance. The dance went from 8:00 pm- 10:00 p.m. The dance was held in Pinnacle Academy’s cafeteria. At the dance there were a lot more people who showed up then normal, but this time everyone stayed. Erick stated “I had a good performance and played a lot of good music that everyone could dance to.” I went and asked Cameron Anderson how he thought the dance was. He stated that it was the funnest dance that Pinnacle has ever had. I asked him if he would do it again, he replied, “ In a heartbeat because Erick knows good songs that are really fun to dance to.” Cameron also said that Erick’s performance was really good, and he can not wait until he DJ’s again.

Erick said that by the end of the night, everyone that was there was dancing and looked like they were having fun, at the beginning almost no one was dancing, so they decided that they should do a dance competition. Well it worked. After they got done with the competition, everyone that was there started dancing. Everyone seemed very pleased with the outcome of the night. Erick told me that it was a good dance, and that this performance was his best one yet. I asked him if he thought he could do better, and in an instant he replied, “Get me some more gigs!”


Jonathan Pierucci

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