Fright mares!

Looking for a scare?Head over to Lagoon before October 30th for a thrilling time at Frightmares. Every year, Lagoon sponsors an exciting event for Halloween. The staff of Lagoon transform themselves from a happy, peaceful atmosphere to dark and intimidating with many different twists for each event, activity and ride. Every year, from spook alleys to corn mazes, fright mares is full of surprises! It’s sure to have you running back for more.

Lagoon is always an exciting place no matter what the occasion. However, riding the same rides and eating the same food in the same old amusement park can get pretty old pretty fast. Changing the routine a little by adding frightening surprises can be a healthy change for your get away to Lagoon. According to Interviewed students attending Pinnacle High, Frightmares is said to be, “Lagoon, but more fun.” Frightmares is an event worth attending.

If you need an escape, Frightmares is the place for you. So come on down to lagoon between September 21st, and October 30th. See you there!

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