Building Changes

This school year is different from past years in a big way! The new building plan has moved the trailer that we once used as a part of the school to the top of the hill behind the main building. Grades from kindergarten up to the sixth now use the trailer, which the upper grades had recently been going to school in. Though Pinnacle has moved locations in the past, this is just a minor advantage to the school, leaving us more room to expand!

Now students starting in the sixth grade up to 12th attend school in the main building. This makes it easier for the students to have more space between each other making traveling through halls easier and faster between classes. All of the teachers have new rooms now, and it seems that everyone is getting use to it being this way. Now the class room aren’t as crowded as they would be with the little class rooms, and the students can have more space for activities and fun learning experiences.

Pinnacle has been through a lot of changes in its time, and this change is very good according to most people. There is more space, bigger class rooms, and those reasons give even more reasons to other things that can happen. Where the trailer used to be will soon be a bigger better gymnasium. What a great building to add to our school. It is good for some change every once in a while!

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