End of quarter

     Towards the end of the quarter, many of us are beginning to get mentally drained. Some students are finding it difficult to do the simplest tasks or equations they never had a hard time doing before.  Seems like our memory is being erased slowly. Many other students would agree, we need a way to wake up and be more concentrated on our work. Testing has had a big effect on most students. We need a break from the routine, something different to ease the stress. Maybe each time after testing our teachers can come up with something fun to do, or something easy yet helpful.

     Classrooms will review past lessons repeatedly which gets very boring after a few weeks. It would be nice if every once in a while students could just relax and have a day to make up work they need or perform a fun but school related activity to get their minds off of the stress! It’s a good thing that new sports are starting off for the fall season. Now, students can have fun and relax doing what they love but still receive the education they need to succeed!

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