Parking Lot

     Teenage drivers are known for their scary driving. Just imagine how many students bring danger to each other in the new school parking lot. Located at the front of the school, the new parking lot is suitable for teenage drivers in many different ways. The parking lot is supervised with aids or teachers making sure no one acts inappropriately. I asked Mrs. Hardy what she thought about this and she said that she likes being able to see where all the kids park, and she can watch and see who the troublemakers are.

Some students seem to think that having to park in the front of the school is unfair but it really isn’t. Every student with a vehicle that drives to school must have a parking pass hanging from their mirrors. This indicates that you are allowed to park at the school. If your vehicle does not have a pass, that lets any adult at the school know that you aren’t supposed to be here. It is a very good safety method if you think about it. If everyone cooperates correctly then we will all enjoy parking here and feel safer doing it.


Jackson Nichols

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