School Election

School Election

Pinnacle high held a school wide election on Monday november 5th. The goal of the election was to allow the students and faculty to vote for the first time, and get to see what the school thought about each of the candidates. The results were surprising to many of the students and teachers. The differences in the two main candidates were drastic. A total of 249 people voted including 18 faculty members. Out of 249 votes 36% of the votes went to Barack Obama and Joe Biden, 53% of the votes went toward Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the remaining votes went toward the other candidates and parties. I was surprised that the votes were so spread apart and I have a feeling that the reason this was the outcome is because people think President Obama wants to change things in the coal industry, true or not it got kids to vote differently because many families in this area work in the coal industry. I asked Mrs. Jeppson if she felt that the real election would have a similar outcome, she replied, “I really feel this Presidential election will be one of the closest elections ever.” By now we all know how the actual election went, it was very close but the outcome was not the same as what we got at school. I am very glad that our school presented us with the opportunity to vote, it was very interesting to see how a lot of the school feels about the election. I hope that in the future more schools will be able to do this. By the time the next election comes around schools around the nation will have a better system to do study this. Possibly, we may even have a nation wide school vote, not to count as anything just for everyone to know how the youth feel about elections. Thanks for the great opportunity Mrs. Hardy!

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