Love is in the Air!

Valentines Day is almost here! It’s just one more week away What are you and your special someone planning to do on  this lovely holiday? Valentines Day is a day where you show how much someone means to you, and a day where all of the floral shops are super busy. Some people say love can’t be bought, but on this day love is being bought all over the world. I interviewed Mrs. Bell and Ashley Fredricksen to find out their opinions on Valentines Day. It’s very well known that people will spend enormous amounts of money just to make their special someone happy. So, I decided to ask them to tell me about the most they’ve ever spent on Valentines Day. Ashley spent $150, and Mrs. Bell spent over $300 to $400! That is a lot of money!
People say that Valentines Day is just a stupid holiday because of the mushy love, but you don’t have to spend this holiday with just your boyfriend/ husband or girlfriend/ wife. This holiday is to share the love with family and friends as well! There is much more this holiday than just kissing and cuddling, its a day to show your appreciation and love for anyone who’s done anything for you. You can send flowers or a gift to your teachers, best friends, parents, significant others and even your pets! So, buy a flower for someone you care about, and have a Happy Valentines Day!

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