Parking Lot

     Teenage drivers are known for their scary driving. Just imagine how many students bring danger to each other in the new school parking lot. Located at the front of the school, the new parking lot is suitable for teenage drivers in many different ways. The parking lot is supervised with aids or teachers making sure no one acts inappropriately. I asked Mrs. Hardy what she thought about this and she said that she likes being able to see where all the kids park, and she can watch and see who the troublemakers are.

Some students seem to think that having to park in the front of the school is unfair but it really isn’t. Every student with a vehicle that drives to school must have a parking pass hanging from their mirrors. This indicates that you are allowed to park at the school. If your vehicle does not have a pass, that lets any adult at the school know that you aren’t supposed to be here. It is a very good safety method if you think about it. If everyone cooperates correctly then we will all enjoy parking here and feel safer doing it.


Jackson Nichols

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Building Changes

This school year is different from past years in a big way! The new building plan has moved the trailer that we once used as a part of the school to the top of the hill behind the main building. Grades from kindergarten up to the sixth now use the trailer, which the upper grades had recently been going to school in. Though Pinnacle has moved locations in the past, this is just a minor advantage to the school, leaving us more room to expand!

Now students starting in the sixth grade up to 12th attend school in the main building. This makes it easier for the students to have more space between each other making traveling through halls easier and faster between classes. All of the teachers have new rooms now, and it seems that everyone is getting use to it being this way. Now the class room aren’t as crowded as they would be with the little class rooms, and the students can have more space for activities and fun learning experiences.

Pinnacle has been through a lot of changes in its time, and this change is very good according to most people. There is more space, bigger class rooms, and those reasons give even more reasons to other things that can happen. Where the trailer used to be will soon be a bigger better gymnasium. What a great building to add to our school. It is good for some change every once in a while!

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End of quarter

     Towards the end of the quarter, many of us are beginning to get mentally drained. Some students are finding it difficult to do the simplest tasks or equations they never had a hard time doing before.  Seems like our memory is being erased slowly. Many other students would agree, we need a way to wake up and be more concentrated on our work. Testing has had a big effect on most students. We need a break from the routine, something different to ease the stress. Maybe each time after testing our teachers can come up with something fun to do, or something easy yet helpful.

     Classrooms will review past lessons repeatedly which gets very boring after a few weeks. It would be nice if every once in a while students could just relax and have a day to make up work they need or perform a fun but school related activity to get their minds off of the stress! It’s a good thing that new sports are starting off for the fall season. Now, students can have fun and relax doing what they love but still receive the education they need to succeed!

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Cancer Awarness

This last week we had ribbon week where we had shown our support to those with cancer and raised awareness about cancer for those that luckily don’t. Monday we had shown our support to women with breast cancer by wearing a pink ribbon on our cloths. An interesting fact about breast cancer is that 1 out of 8 women are diagnosed with it. There were 1.38 million women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 making it the most common cancer for women.

Tuesday we  shared awareness and support for women with Ovary cancer with teal ribbons and people with Leukemia with orange ribbons. Ovarian cancer is the 5th most death causing cancer out there. About 1 out of 57 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood cells and leaves its patients prone to infections, anemia and bleeding. Leukemia is treated by chemotherapy and sometimes radiation therapy and bone marrow transplants in some cases.

Wednesday we show awareness to bone and lung cancer by wearing white ribbons for bone cancer and off white for lung cancer. Lung cancer is the #1 cancer to cause death. The survival rate is 16.3%.   Bone cancer is usually a result of other cancers. Bone cancer is treated by a series of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

Thursday we made ourselves aware of brain cancer with a grey ribbon and kidney cancer with green ribbons. Brain cancer is usually caused by many different brain cells or from cancerous cells spreading to the brain. Treatment can involve the same as bone cancer: chemo, radiation and surgery. Kidney cancer is split up between two different types: Renal cell cancer and Transitional cell cancer.  It is common in people 50 years and older.For Friday, we end our week with showing support and urging for cancer survivors to help by wearing a purple ribbon.

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Fright mares!

Looking for a scare?Head over to Lagoon before October 30th for a thrilling time at Frightmares. Every year, Lagoon sponsors an exciting event for Halloween. The staff of Lagoon transform themselves from a happy, peaceful atmosphere to dark and intimidating with many different twists for each event, activity and ride. Every year, from spook alleys to corn mazes, fright mares is full of surprises! It’s sure to have you running back for more.

Lagoon is always an exciting place no matter what the occasion. However, riding the same rides and eating the same food in the same old amusement park can get pretty old pretty fast. Changing the routine a little by adding frightening surprises can be a healthy change for your get away to Lagoon. According to Interviewed students attending Pinnacle High, Frightmares is said to be, “Lagoon, but more fun.” Frightmares is an event worth attending.

If you need an escape, Frightmares is the place for you. So come on down to lagoon between September 21st, and October 30th. See you there!

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